Saturday, 26 February 2011

A Bull at a Gate

Like them or not.... energy drinks are here and are here to stay. With so many more energy drinks being created every month the market is being flooded with the more and more "instant pick-me-ups".  So with the creation of vodka red bulls, jager-bombs, skittle-bombs etc, i thought it was about time that i jumped on the energy drink wagon and create a cocktail with a kick.

The idea of the "bull at a gate" came about because of my parents. Without going into too much detail, saying that I was like a "bull at a gate" was something I heard from them often.  So this catch phase seemed to be the perfect name for this "kick-start cocktail".

This drink is really quite simple and easy to make. Built in a high-ball or long glass, start with 15ml Paraiso lychee liqueur. Paraiso is a popular tropical liqueur said to originate from southern China. In south China, the lychee is famed as being the "Fruit of Kings".  Follow paraiso with 15ml of strawberry liqueur. The flavour combination of strawberries and lychee's work really well together. Lastly add 15ml of Cuban rum (preferably bacardi). Just finish it off with 2 - 3 lime wedges, mainly for show, but also the lime helps bring out the lychee and strawberry flavours and of course works really well with rum. Fill with ice and top up with half a can of red bull. You left with a really summery tropical cocktail. Even people who are not big energy drinkers have been impressed with this cocktail.

When ever some one goes to order a boring vodka red bull, I always recommend one of these, and so far I've had no complaints.

Build in a tall glass:
15ml Paraiso Lychee Liqueur
15ml Strawberry Liqueur
15ml Cuban Rum
Add ice
top up with red bull.

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  1. Hi Dave...great blog...keep em coming. I wonder what other catch phrases might become the name of one of your delicious cocktails?