Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A Prescription for Cocktails

After a busy few days in Paris, we had one more place to visit. We had to check out the ‘Prescription Cocktail Club’ After all it has the reputation of being one of best bars in Paris. This particular bar specialises in serving up slight but very unique variations on the classics.  After a nice meal nearby, we made our way toward ‘Prescription’. If we weren’t looking for the place, we might have missed it. There was absolutely no signage or indication that a bar was inside. We were a little early, so not many people had arrived yet, but after we sat down, it soon filled up. This is a testament to the bars reputation, that it can have no advertising out the front and still fill up quite easily. It’s the type of reputation you build with good service and producing quality drinks. This was evident when we were pleasantly greeted and the bar staff made us feel at home. They even took the time to help us chose a cocktail from their menu which was written in french.

When we go out to places like this, I tend to always have a pen and paper on hand to write down some of the cocktails on the menu. For the first time ever I had one of the waitresses come over to me to tell me to keep one of the menus. Some bars can be very protective over their cocktail recipes, so it was great that the crew at ‘Prescription’ were happy for me to keep one.

Cara and I spent quite sometime here chatting to the friendly staff and drinking cocktails from the menu (and also a couple off the menu). I’d love to talk about every single one of them because every drink we had was delicious, but the one I’ve chosen to feature was a variation on the Daiquiri. It’s called “Daiquiri du Maquis”. It consists of Appleton Estate VX dark rum, yellow Chartreause, rosemary infused sugar syrup and a dash of lemon and lime juice. It’s made by shaking all ingredients together and straining over ice into a rocks (short) glass. I love the use of rosemary in this drink, it doesn’t dominate too much, but it gives a nice after taste. I also love the smokey flavours of the Appleton rum. It compliments the rosemary and counteracts the sweetness of the yellow Chartrease and the sugar syrup.

After our amazing cocktails, we made our way back to the hotel. The Prescription Cocktail Club is up there with one of the best bars we’ve been too so far. The service was great, the atmosphere was cosy and warming and the cocktails were outstanding.

Prescription Cocktail Club’s
"Daiquiri du Maquis”
In the Shaker:
45ml Appleton Estate VX Rum
15ml Yellow Chartreuse
15ml Rosemary Infused Sugar Syrup
Dash of Lemon Juice
Dash of Lime Juice
Shake ingredients together
Strain over ice in a short rocks glass
Garnish with Rosemary

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