Friday, 18 March 2011

The Bloody Mary: The Ultimate Hangover Cure

There are many so called "remedies" when trying to cure a hangover, but i don't think many people will disagree when i say a well made Bloody Mary is up there with the best of them. We begin our story at a New York Bar in 1921. The bar was in fact called "Harry's New York Bar". This place was a frequent hangout for writer, Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway was not only famous for his writing, he was known as being a hard-core drinker. He in fact held the record for sometime at Harry's Bar, for drinking 2 litres of beer in 46.5 seconds. At Harry's New York Bar in 1921, a french bartender, Ferand Petiot, created a mixture of vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice and salt. He served this to 2 men who were sitting at the bar. He described it as "a new pick-me-up". One of the gentleman said that it reminded him of a bucket of blood. The other gentleman said that it reminded him of a girl he knew called Mary, and the Bloody Mary was born. I know your probably thinking that i made this story up, but many publications, cocktail books and websites have all confirmed that this is how the Bloody Mary all began. After this drink gained popularity at Harry's Bar, another bartender, George Jessel took the drink and added his own twist to it. Along with the existing ingredients of vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice and salt, Jessel added Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce and pepper.  This mixture is the classic Bloody Mary that we know today. Both bartenders claim to be the creator of this cocktail.

Since these 2 bartenders created this drink, there have been tons of slight variations, and I'd like to share one of my own. I've never had any complaints when I've had to serve "Dave's Bloody Mary". Start with a shaker, add a good dash of Tabasco sauce and Worcestershire sauce, a pinch of black cracked pepper and celery salt, then a bar spoon of horseradish cream. Stir this mixture to breakup the horseradish cream. Horseradish is great in a Bloody Mary. It gives the drink a different kind of "kick". The Tabasco gives you one type of spice and flavour, but i find that the horseradish, brings another dimension of spice and texture to this cocktail. Now add 45ml of vodka (if your game, i always use a pepper infused vodka. If you can't be bothered infusing your own vodka with peppers, Absolut pepper works a treat), add 15ml of lemon juice (anymore than that and it becomes too sour), lastly top up with approx. 250ml of tomato juice. I like to add ice and shake to help mix all those herbs and spices together well, but a good stir will still do the same job. Pour the contents of your shaker into a tall glass and serve with a celery stick.

If you really want to go all out, try muddling cherry tomato's and cucumber with your Bloody Mary. I believe that this cocktail has no boundaries. I've experimented with using paprika, beef stock, freshly chopped chillies, jalapenos and the list goes on. When making your Bloody Mary, have fun with it, don't be afraid to experiment.  I'm a massive lover of good tequila, so I often substitute the vodka with tequila. This is known as a Bloody Maria.

I hope this cocktail brings gives you the "pick-up" you need. Enjoy!

In a shaker:
Pinch of cracked black pepper
Pinch of celery salt
bar spoon of horse radish cream
dash of Tabasco sauce
dash of Worcestershire sauce
15ml lemon juice
45ml Vodka
250ml Tomato juice
Add ice and shake
Pour into a tall glass

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