Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Gin & Tonic Re-Invented

The gin & tonic is said to be the first cocktail ever created. Even though today we consider this drink a simple mix drink, the gin and tonic still has great significances in cocktail history.  I decided to re-invent this classic drink, and turn it from being just a mix drink, into a modern day cocktail. 

When getting inspiration for my new gin & tonic, i turned to the history books and decided to try and recreate the rivalry between England and France but in the form of a cocktail. How can i possibly do this i hear you ask, well it's simple. I begin with Plymouth Gin, but not just normal Plymouth gin, i chose Plymouth sloe gin. Sloe (pronounced "slow") gin is gin which is made with sloe berries, also known as blackthorn berries. The gin is made by distilling the spirit with these plum-like berries. Sugar is then added to make the gin sweeter and takes the edge off the bitterness of the berries.  Plymouth gin has been produced in England since 1793. So with 30ml of Plymouth sloe gin (representing England), we add 30ml of french pinot gris wine. Pinot gris is a European grape varietal made in the french style of wine (obviously representing France). 

Now to explain why…. Pinot gris is a full flavoured fruity wine. To be more specific, when smelling, it has floral characteristics, then when tasted, you may pick up fruits like pear, apple or melon, depending on the producer.  This fruity wine works in perfect harmony with the sloe berries.   So now we have covered the rivalry between England & France. My point being, even 2 great rivals can still come together and combine to make something special.

I finish this "G&T" cocktail with the juice of half a lime (which always compliments gin well, and is commonly served with a traditional gin and tonic), lastly a pinch of cracked black pepper, just to give the drink a subtle kick when it hits the tongue.  Now, just add ice and top up with tonic water.

If your tired of the traditional "G&T", this might be a funky alternative for you.
This cocktail may sound complex but it is really simple. 
In a tall glass:
30ml Plymouth sloe gin
30ml Pinot Gris Wine
juice of half a lime
pinch of cracked black
Add ice
Top with tonic water

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