Sunday, 1 May 2011

Goodbye Australia!!!

Over the past few months I’ve shared some of my creations, some of my favourite classics and some of my opinions and thoughts on ‘Aussie’ bar culture. But the time has come to go global and for this humble bartender from Adelaide to take his gorgeous girl Cara, and discover the big wide world.  We hope to learn, experience and share amazing sights, awesome food, different cultures and of course, great cocktails.

The first stop takes us to Osaka, Japan.  Despite many people telling us that we are crazy for going to Japan during this horrible time for the country, Cara and myself have been reassured by my parents (who have spent quite some time in Osaka), that everything where they are is fine. So we are not letting the recent events in japan deter us from having an amazing experience. 

So stay tuned… and follow our journey with us.

Bye Bye Australia!!!

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