Monday, 9 May 2011

Jazz in Japan

We are fortunte to be in Osaka during a time they call “Golden Week” in Japan. This is a string of public holidays during a week where they celebrate all different demographics. During golden week in japan, Osaka hosts one of the biggest free jazz festivals in the world. The Takatsuki Street Jazz festival is where all the local bars and clubs come together host a diverse selection of live jazz music all within walking distance of each other.  So this was a great opportunity to see some great live jazz music as well as some funky little cocktail bars in Osaka. 

After cruising the streets checking out all the local food being made on the side of the road we decided to check out some live Jazz.  The Japanese love jazz and the people really get behind these types of festivals. We went to check out some funk music at a place called “Tanto-Ya”. As we approached this little bar, we could see a small crowd gathering. However some people looked like they had been there for most of the day judging by the amount of empty Asahi’s and Heinekens on the table in front of them.  I decided to not waste anytime and buy us some beers and get into the spirit of things.  The Japanese people know how to have a great time.  Many of the jazz songs were sung in English, and everyone seems to sing along. I had to wonder if they knew what they were singing about.

Later that night we went to check out some bossa at “Alvamar Bar”. We took a seat and looked at the drinks menu. Usually most places have both Japanese and English writing on their menu. In this case, it was all in Japanese. Fortunately my mum can read a little Japanese, so after a little confusion we finally figured out how to order 3 white wines for Cara and my parents. As for me, I had to be different. Mum, helped me to find the rum section on the menu, so I decided to go to the bar and just point to something and see what I get.   The bartender smiled at me and in his best attempt to speak English he said “delicious”. Now… I’m thinking that that’s the name of the cocktail I ordered, or he is describing the drink. Either way, I’m going to call this drink, “Alvamar’s Delicious”. This cocktail is really easy. Built in a tall glass, over ice, 30ml of White rum, 30ml of Blue Curacao and topped up with orange juice, pineapple juice and grapefruit juice. A very simple built cocktail, and just like the bartender said, it was delicious.

"Alvamar’s Delicious":
In a tall glass:
30ml White Rum
30ml Blue Curacao
Add ice
Top up with equal parts orange juice, pineapple juice and grapefruit juice.

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